Hairstyles For The Wedding Season

Let these 5 hairstyles, enhance your look this wedding season. From a sassy headband braid to an easy-going twisted bun. We’ve decoded the most elegant hairstyles below! Let’s get your hair game on point. Hairstyles For The Wedding Season soft curls 1. Soft Curls Glam up your look this wedding season with soft curls. It’s easy to style and will compliment your wedding attire. twisted bun hairstyle 2. Twisted Bun Revamp your old fashioned bun with a twist! Try a twisted bun to compliment your look this wedding season. headband braid 3. Headband Braid A headband braid is all you need to rock the floor this wedding season. Spray some of our Spotlight Hair Polish for Instant Shine to add some shine to your look. loopside ponytail 4. Loopside Ponytail Add some drama to your otherwise boring ponytail. A loopside ponytail is just what you need this wedding season. This look will complement any outfit and occasion. ballerina-bun 5. Ballerina Bun It’s time to add some fun with a chic ballerina bun. You can adorn this hairstyle for an evening soiree or a formal dinner party.
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