5 Fabulous Hairstyles Men Love On Women

Men often aren’t given credit for noticing details about a girl’s hairstyle. While women think they’re always aloof, they actually are interested in the way a woman carries her hair off and they certainly have their opinions about what works well and what doesn’t. While they may not be able to talk about them or express themselves clearly, they notice more than we think they do. Check out the hairstyles that make the men go wow!

5 Fabulous Hairstyles Men Love On Women

1. A simple ponytail

What men often find appealing is when a woman can rock the sporty look. This requires minimal styling as all you need to do is tie your hair up into a high ponytail. Adding loose curls to the bottom can enhance your ponytail and make you look chirpy. Katrina Kaif Hairstyles

2. Long and straight

Letting your long hair down and keeping it straight might just get you the extra glances in a room. Long hair is a feature in women that most men get attracted to. Combing your hair and keeping it neat and simple is honestly the only thing you need to do to catch his attention. long hair hairstyles

3. Long and wild

Long and messy is a style that would make your personality seem so wild and carefree. Men love this bohemian hairstyle on women who pull it off really well. This hairstyle works well with short hair too, as long as you’re keeping it messy. long hair hairstyles

4. The messy bob cut

Bob cuts are totally in right now. If you’ve never tried this one, it’s about time now. Men are totally into the messy bob cut, as the focus is less on your hair and more on your face and it makes your neck look longer. Sarah Jane Dias Hairstyles

5. Long layers

While some men would prefer going for the straight cut look, others tend to be attracted to a more unique looking hairstyle. Adding those layers to your hair might be exactly what will give your hair its distinctiveness. Popular belief is that women with straight and blunt cuts come across as intimidating, whereas soft layers and curls can make women look more approachable. long hair hairstyles

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