3 On The Go Hairstyles For Busy Women

Women who are always working don’t get much liberty to experiment with a lot of hairstyles. They’re either busy at work or spending time with their families. Using a hair straightener or a curling iron to quickly style our hair for work doesn’t always work! We believe that everyone has the right to explore and experiment with hairstyles even when they’re busy taking over the world! 3 On The Go Hairstyles For Busy Women The Messy Bun This hairstyle works best when you get up from bed. All you have to do is gather your hair up, towards the crown of your head and put it in a ponytail. Twist it up and secure with bobby pins for extra hold. The messy bun also works on the nape of your neck, so feel free to wear it low or up top wherever you go. messy bun hairstyles Preppy Ponytail When the going gets tough, give your ponytail a go. This hairstyle is best suited for second day hair. The best part is, all you need is a hair tie, some U-Pins and a little bit of hair spray to keep it intact. You can wear this hairstyle to work, and surprisingly a prepped up ponytail also goes well with that after party work outfit. So ladies, show your pony some love. ponytail hairstyle Braid To Bounce The name means exactly what it is. A quick braid, be it fishtail, waterfall, single or the most appropriate – a messy braid. This hairdo can be done in no time and will have you looking fabulous wherever you choose to be. Using a dry shampoo is a quick style idea to keep the braid intact and avoid it from looking greasy. Bounce anywhere you want with a style up-braid. We obviously mean upgrade. braid hairstyle Work hard, style harder. Make the most of your second hair day and try these looks on the go! All you will need are a few bobby pins, 5-10 minutes in the morning, and most importantly an attitude to carry these hairstyles off.
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