Hairstyles Rocked By Saif Ali Khan

All of us can’t help but go bonkers over how adorable Taimur looks, thanks to the genes from his handsome dad. Saif Ali Khan has always carried himself with panache, looking every bit of his regal self. He is truly the Nawab, staying true to his humbleness and royal charm. While we were unfolding all his hairstyles over the years, these are some which stood out. Saif Ali Khan Textured Hairstyles

Courtesy: Instagram| @thefilmygraph

1. Textured Look

Giving an intense regal look, Saif sported this textured hairstyle, giving a slight pushback finish to his hair. Achieve this look easily by rubbing some of the BBLUNT 3D Texturizing Wax Paste that will give dramatic definition to your hair with long-lasting results. Saif Ali Khan Sleek Back Hairstyles

Courtesy: Instagram| @indianfilmhistory

2. Sleek Pushed Back Look

Saif went for a sleek and sultry pushed back look for this shot. This is one of the easiest looks you can achieve with the help of the BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel, which will give your hair just the right amount of hold while providing the perfect gloss. Saif Ali Khan Crew Cut Hairstyles

Courtesy: Instagram| @saif_alikan

3. Crew Cut Look

Oozing out his cute boyish charm, Saif went for a crew cut hairstyle, leaving out a little fringe in the front. This simple short sides and long top hair trend is a dapper look Mr Khan had sported. Cannot get enough of Saif Ali Khan and left for wanting more? Learn how to look like Mr Khan by reading How To Get Saif Ali Khan’s Nawab Hairstyle In 3 Easy Steps
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