Hairstyles That Suit Round Face Shapes

Round face girls look adorable and unbelievably cute. And now they would look super stylish too with these easy to do hairstyles. These hairdos accentuate the facial contours and let you use that roundness to your advantage. Check out the best hairstyles for a round face. Hairstyles That Suit Round Face Shapes sonakshi Courtesy: 1. Short Bob Bob is one of the most popular hairstyles when it comes to people with round faces. It looks extremely stylish and is easy to maintain. It also defines your facial features to create that illusion of length. Sonakshi Sinha styles her bob by going for subtle highlights and it looks great. Use BBLUNT One Night Stand, Temporary Hair Colour to highlight your style in just a spray. Priti Courtesy: 2. Medium Waves Wavy texture of your hair does a great job at overcoming that roundness. Simply use an iron tong and loosely curl your hair. Let your strands fall past the chin to make your face look thinner. Preity Zinta has flaunted this hairstyle in most of her movies and this look complements her face shape. Use BBLUNT Blown Away, Volumizing Leave-In Spray to give some volume to those curls. Rani Courtesy: 3. Bang It Bangs add a unique charm to the round faces by accentuating the eyes and the lips. Keep your hair away from the face so that they dont overshadow the bang. To get a dream fringe without cutting your hair, use BBLUNT The Fringe, Straight Fringe Clip-On Hair Extension.Rani Mukherji was spotted at a recent event with stylish bangs and we loved the look! Check out the best partitions according to your face shape.
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