Hairstyles To Avoid If You Have A Small Face

Having a small face can be a blessing, provided we are aware of which hairstyles suit us and which don۪t. Check out the hairstyles which should be avoided if you have a small face. Hairstyles To Avoid If You Have A Small Face

1. Too Many Layers Make sure to avoid having textured layers as they will cover your face with hair, making it look too tiny. A tinge of short layers will do the trick but avoid too many layers.

2. Bob Cuts Bob cuts which are of chin length are a big no. They draw attention to your jaw line and it won۪t look the best if you have a small face.

3. Side Swept Bangs Normal bangs will suit your face but side swept bangs will just make it look smaller. So you might wanna tell your stylist not to overdo bangs while you۪re getting your haircut.

4. Ziggity Zaggity A simple parting is a winner but a zig zag parting? Just the opposite. Since you have a small face you would want to draw attention to it and not divert away from it.

5. Long Locks Having long locks are not the perfect hairstyle for you if you have a small face. Don۪t worry they aren۪t too fun to maintain either.

6. Loose and Tight Waves We don۪t want to make our face look smaller with loose and tight waves so stray away from this hairdo and go for a cut that complements your facial structure. A tip to always keep in mind is that we don۪t want to create additional texture which covers the face but to keep it minimal and cute!

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