4 Kick Ass Hairstyles To Disguise 2nd Day Hair

You don’t have to shy away from bad hair days anymore. It’s just a simple trick to turn those greasy mane days to fabulous ones, read on to know more! 4 Kick Ass Hairstyles To Disguise 2nd Day Hair 1. T & T All you need is a stunning headband to get this look on point. Adorn your head with the headband, fitting in just like a crown. Twist up the rest of the hair into a ponytail and tuck it into the headband. Add a few bobby pins to give your mane that perfect hold. 2. Bonjour! There’s nothing like a messy French plait on a bad hair day! This is literally a match made in heaven for all those sweaty bad hair days. You can get the ultimate plait on unwashed hair, so you can twist up those bad hair days into a tastefully messy plait. Keep the plait tight enough and pull after each layer is done. 3. Bun Power A high bun keeps the bad hair days away! You can use a studded hair tie to secure the low or high bun. To add a bit of style to your look, you can braid up the fronts and pin them up. If you don’t like hair on your face this is just the right trick you need to know. 4. Cross And Wrap A bit of volume looks great with this look. Once you have created that envious volume, divide your hair into two sections. Tie these two sections into a knot. Repeat this process and fasten it up with a quirky hair tie. Simple ain’t it? Once your done sporting these kick ass hairstyles, check out 5 mistakes that make your hair greasy!
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