5 Hairstyles That Make You Look Much Younger

Looking younger and fresher isn۪t only achieved by running after all those anti-ageing creams. The solution to looking younger is as simple as the length of your locks! Head on to a salon and take those extra years off your look. All you need is the right hairstyle, we promise. Have a look at our celebrity-proof guide for hairstyles you can try that make you look much younger! 5 Hairstyles That Make You Look Much Younger 1. The Ponytail A ponytail can be both, sophisticated or sassy! When styled well, a ponytail reduces the visibility of your tired eyes and acts as a mini face lift as well. You can add a puff at the top before you tie it to give it an added dimension and make your hair look more voluminous. Go for a classy ponytail and look fresh & fabulous in no time. chitrangada singh hairstyles 2. Timeless Waves You can never go wrong with effortless waves. They۪re always trending and they create a youthful perception, keeping your look stylish and current. Soft waves are the best option to take all those years off your look. So go on, make some waves! Sonakshi Sinha Hairstyles 3. Side Swept Bangs Bangs are every girls go to hairdo when they need a little change! They۪re the best solution for when you need a fresh and fabulous look. Bangs are known to be the Botox of hair, so ladies, always remember Bangs before Botox! Side swept bangs are a good choice as they draw attention to your eyes and hide any apparent wrinkles on your forehead. KALKI KOECHLIN HAIRSTYLES 4. The Half Up Half Down Get the best of both worlds with this hairdo! Enjoy the polished done۪ vibe of an up-do & the sexy look of your hair down. Look mature yet youthful at the same time. Aditi rao hydari hairstyles 5. The Bob A hairstyle that will keep you forever young! The bob accentuates your features and can be styled in many ways spiky layers, chin length, shoulder length etc. To get that ageless look, go for the bob. kangana ranaut hairstyles
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