4 Hairstyles To Try If You Hate Tying Your Hair

Do you hate that bump that forms in your hair after tying it up? We know exactly how frustrating that can get. Tying your hair can sometimes be a bad thing, especially if you۪re prone to hair fall. So here are a few simple and quick hairstyles we tried and thought to share to make your life easier. Ladies, it۪s time to stop tying and start trying! 4 Hairstyles To Try If You Hate Tying Your Hair 1) The tousled look This one۪s really simple and doesn۪t need much effort to try. All you have to do is scrunch your wet hair with some styling product and wrap it around your fingers to give your hair a tousled look. When you۪re behind schedule, this is probably the best hairstyle to experiment with. Sarah Jane Dias looked gorgeous in tousled locks while she promoted her new film. sarah jane dias hairstyles 2) Braid it There are many different ways to do this and it۪s really upto you how you want to braid your hair. You can tie a loose side braid, where you take all your hair to one side, separate it into 3 different sections and keep twisting them in turn. You could also take 3 thin strands from your fringe area on both sides, twist them into a braid and finally tie them together. Karishma Kapoor looked stunning at the McCain launch with her front puffed side braid. karishma kapoor hairstyles 3) Waves Letting your hair down can be monotonous after a point. Creating waves can spice things up! Just use a curling iron and get started. Waves will not only add volume to your hair but it will also make it look thicker and more lustrous. Evelyn Sharma carried of her wonderful waves at Dabboo Ratnanis annual calendar launch. evelyn sharma hairstyles 4) Center parting You can keep it simple with a sleek and well defined center parting. Part your hair in the centre and you۪re good to go. Remember ladies, keeping all your hair to one side with a center parting can make your hair look a little different. To finish off your look you could add a few hair accessories or even better, a splash of hair spray for added gloss. Who could possibly wear a center parting better than Bollywood۪s beauty, Deepika Padukone? deepika padukone hairstyles
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