Hairstyles to Try This Holi

Who doesn’t get excited by the festival of colours! No matter how old we get, celebrating Holi with your loved ones is always a fun affair. But in all the fun in the sun, don’t forget to protect your precious mane or else you might have to pay the price in the aftermath. The right hairstyle will not only protect your hair but also give you the freedom to play Holi without having to worry about getting your hair in your face. So go ahead, read about the styles which will help you enjoy this festival to the fullest!

Simple High Ponytail

A simple way to put aside all those tresses is a high ponytail. It is hassle free and easy to carry. It suits all sorts of hair types i.e. wavy, curly and straight. Also, it keeps your hair away from all that colour and dust during the festive. You can also alter it by forming a braid thereafter and making it look funkier. To add some style to this, you can loosen the braid a little giving it a bubble effect.

Standard braids

One of the most recommended hairstyle to protect your hair during Holi. You can start by dividing the hair into three parts then crossing the right part over the middle and left part over it. This will give you a fine structure thereby preventing the damage. Prepping it with

Top Knot Bun

If you are somebody with long hair, then the top knot bun is the perfect look to have while playing Holi. If you do not want your hair strands to be loose and dusty, then you must start this hair style by tying a high ponytail thereafter wrapping the hair around the hair tie and you’re done!

Double Buns

As a quirky take on hair buns, a bun on both the sides would look so trendy and cute while serving its whole purpose. This hairstyle will not only keep your hair intact but also prevent it from all the dust and colour. It is an easy to do hairstyle and one can start off by dividing the hair into two equal parts and tying a ponytail alongside. Then wrap your hair around the hair tie and tie it up again on both the sides. Double buns are also a trending look at the moment and Holi is just another excuse to try out a new trend!

Multi-braid Ponytail

This may look tough to do but trust us, it is not. You just have to follow a specific procedure which is to start by splitting your hair into two equal parts, then again dividing the same into nine. From these, build three individual braids and proceed to combine all the braids into one braid at the end.

The Twists

Do you have a special someone that you want to impress at the Holi party? Well, we’ve got you covered! Sweep them off their feet with this twisted half-up hairstyle. It is one of the most desired and convenient hairstyles amongst all. You can start by prepping your hair with the and keep it protected, this Holi.

Rope Twisted Braid

Rope Twisted Braid is the trendiest hairstyle to opt for this season. You should start off by tying a normal pony tail with an elastic band thereafter dividing it into two parts and twist both the strands and braid them into a role like structure. This is a very easy to maintain look and will stay intact all day long while you have fun with the colours.

The Cover Up

To save your hair completely from the water and the colours, you can obviously use a scarf to cover it up. You can wrap the scarf on the front portion thereby covering the back. It will look stylish and will also serve its purpose! Before putting this scarf on, you should moisturize your hair by the Looks like you’re all set for Holi, aren’t you? Still haven’t found your match? Let these Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Holi help you find the perfect hairstyle for you!
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