Heart It: 3 Must-have #BBLUNT Products For Instant Beautiful Hair Review by Spulgerina

BBlunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream_Bblunt Spotlight Hair Polish_BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo_hair_review_splurgerina

1. BBlunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream I recently moved to a place where it’s safe to say that your hair turns into a bird’s nest. Having lived in hot and dry places like Delhi and Chandigarh all my life, I never really faced issues like frizzy and dry hair. I’ve been blessed with straight, smooth, and silky hair, but ever since I shifted to this rainy place, I wake up every morning to a nightmare in front of the mirror. Suffice to say, when I was sent the BBlunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream to review, I was really hoping for a miracle.

BBlunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream_hair_review_splurgerinaWell, as you can see, the product didn’t disappoint. My first reaction to the effect of the leave-in cream was WOW! Ladies, this is your magic potion to beat the frizz especially during the rain. It not only makes your hair smooth but also adds an amazing finish, leaving your hair silky and shiny. What makes this product fantastic is that it doesn’t make your hair look limp or greasy, which I find that most of the other leave-in products do. It is perfect for those are looking to fight frizz but whose hair has a tendency to look flat after using such products.Another thing you will love about this cream is that it smells so amazing! The fragrance of the product is very subtle and does not overpower unlike the other leave-in creams in the market. It also acts as a heat protector and saves your hair from the damage that comes along with curlers and straightening irons. I can safely say that this climate control leave-in cream is going to be a part of my vanity box for a long time to come.BBlunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream_hair_review_splurgerina 2

2. BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish

Remember when our moms used to apply eggs on our hair to make it look lustrous and shiny? Well, with the spotlight hair polish, which comes with Provitamin B5, Vitamin E and silk proteins, the process no longer needs to be so messy. It’s a great remedy for dull hair and your hair is guaranteed to make heads turn.BBlunt Spotlight Hair Polish hair_review_splurgerinaThe product is fairly easy to use. You just have to spray it lightly across the length of your hair when it’s dry and then ruffle up your hair to make sure it spreads evenly. Be careful about how much product you use though, as it can make your hair a bit sticky and greasy. The first time I applied it, I was a bit confused as to whether it made a difference or not, only to realize later that I had sprayed too much, especially on the roots, which made my hair look limp. I used just the right amount the second time around, and it worked wonders on my hair, particularly during the day. Just like the anti-frizz cream, this too smells really good and given that it also acts as a heat protector and styling spray, it’s a product I reach for regularly.

3. BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo This product is an absolute must-have for those who have an oily scalp and have to wash their hair multiple times a week. It  has been my lifesaver for those spontaneous evening outs where my hair is super oily and I don’t have time for a wash. All you need to do is spray it evenly on your hair, concentrating on the roots, and gently massaging through for a couple of minutes until all the greasiness gets absorbed.BBlunt Back To Life Dry Shampoo_review_hair_splurgerinaThe best part about this spray is that it doesn’t make your hair dull or hard and doesn’t even leave the white residue that is common with dry shampoos. It not only makes your hair look oil-free and fresh but also adds a bit of volume to it. This is arguably one of the best dry shampoos available in India right now

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