Heat Protection Hair Mist For Damaged Hair

Are you reaching out to heating tools way too often? It’s time for you to protect your hair before styling them. Styling your hair makes them look great and amazing but the damage they do to your hair is not something that can be ignored. We have brought you the best solution! You can keep on doing these styles with the help of heating tools and protect your hair as well. Isn’t that great? So what is it that makes you get the best of both worlds? Introducing BBLUNT’s Hot Shot Heat Protection Hair Mist! What is a heat protection mist you ask? A heat protectant is a mist or leave-in cream which adds moisture to your locks and forms a protective barrier. This protective barrier reduces moisture loss when the heat grapeseed against your hair. They do a pretty great job of protecting your hair from the majority of the damage. Hot Shot is right here for you to achieve all those hairstyles with heating tools without damaging your hair! It is a weightless heat protection mist that prepares your hair for the styling sessions! The best part? It is specially created for Indian hair! Read on to know more about Hot Shot Heat Protection Hair Mist! Here are the top 5 benefits of Hot Shot:

1. Heat Protection

Hot Shot Heat protection mist smoothes the cuticles on your hair which prevents it from the blasting heat of a blow dryer or a straightener. Some of the heat protectants are infused with rich oils such as grapeseed and Provitamin B5. When you apply the heat protectant mist over your hair it forms a layer of the shaft that locks in hydration.

2. Restores Moisture Balance

Your hair is constantly in need of hydration it needs the proper amount of moisture throughout the day. Using a protectant, especially before you use a heat styling tool gives your hair that layer of protection. Hot Shot heat protection mist will keep your hair conditioned despite the heat from the heat styling tools.  

3. Helps In Detangling

The beauty of the heat protectant mist is that it makes your hair more manageable by loosening it which makes it even easier to detangle and gives great touch and feel. It not only helps fight frizz and detangles too!

4. Great Smell

What if we tell you, your heat protection mist also gives you great smell and feel? Yeah, that’s right! This heat protection mist not only gives you protection from the heat styling tools but also gives you a refreshing smell!  

5. The Goodness Of Natural Protectant

Grapeseed oil is one such natural protectant that has a very high smoking point, which means that it keeps too much heat from getting into your hair. It also forms a protective barrier that limits the contact of the heat styling tool has with your hair. Isn’t that cool? Hot Shot is enriched with the goodness of grapeseed oil and Provitamin B5 which gives your hair all the natural love and protection it needs. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on the brand new BBLUNT Hot Shot Heat Protection Mist soon! Do you love styling your hair as much as we do? Check out How To Use A Hair Serum To Moisturize Your Hair Before Heat Styling!
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