Holographic Hair Colour

Courtesy: Pinterest Just when you think you have seen it all, here comes another hair colour trend waiting around the corner. Get your senses prepared for this kaleidoscopic blast of colour! Take a look at everything you need to know about the holographic hair trend. Holographic Hair Is Here To Stay Braids From Unicorn Land Courtesy: Pinterest 1. Braids From Unicorn Land Fascinated with all things unicorn? Sprinkle some of that unicorn love for your hair! Let your mane sparkle with the hues of lavender and baby pink. A Fairy Like Hairdo Courtesy: Pinterest 2. A Fairy Like Hairdo A look so dreamy even Princess Leila would kill for this rainbow like braided bun! Makes you want to stare at it all day, doesn’t it? Straight Up Shimmery Tresses Courtesy: Stylecaster 3. Straight Up Shimmery Tresses The metallic shine adds a touch of prism like sheen that is so futuristic and otherworldly, there’s only one word for it- Genius! Pastel Pop Courtesy: Pinterest 4. Pastel Pop Baby pink all the way! This holographic tussled lob oozes with mystic glitter. Are you ready to try out the holographic hair colour trend this year? For more mind blowing hair trends, check out Summer Hair Colours 2017.
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