Hot Or Cold? Which Type Of Water Is Better For Your Hair

Cold water is better than piping hot water for your mane. It increases hair growth and cleans out the dirt and grime from you hair. Not to mention, the shine and sleekness it delivers with just one rinse! Hot Or Cold? Which Type Of Water Is Better For Your Hair Washing Hair With Cold Water 1. Cold water gets rid of the frizz and makes your hair shinier and smoother. It closes your cuticles and keeps your hair silky. Make sure your last shampoo rinse is always with cold water. 2. It shuts your pores once you are done with your shampoo. Closed pores are less vulnerable as compared to open pores. You protect your scalp from dirt, grease and oil. 3. The blood moves faster and your capillaries widen up to warm your body. Your hair then tends to get all the nutrients it requires to look and stay healthy. Poor blood circulation causes hair fall, so make sure when you turn on the knob, it’s cold! Washing Hair With Hot Water 1. When you wash your hair with hot water, it tends to break easily. Never brush your hair right after you have shampooed it with cold water, it will cause a lot of hair fall. 2. Hot water weakens the roots, and turns your healthy mane to a frizzy dull texture. It also causes premature greying. So stay away from that hot water, ladies! 3. To wash your hair, you need that hot water to open your pores and shampoo and condition it appropriately. This helps to remove the excess build –up and dirt on your scalp.
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