7 Ways To Tell If Your Hair Is Damaged

We all want to have gorgeous hair, no matter the price we pay for it. Not in monetary terms, but we do pay a hefty price to look glamorous by undergoing treatments, be it colouring or straightening. If not the treatments then we always have our best friend, the blow dryer and hot tools handy, ready to iron or twist our mane according to our wish. Is it any surprise that after under-going so many experiments, our mane loses its health over time? What’s worse is that we do not even realise that our poor mane is damaged and hence do not take any precautions to nourish it back to health. Let us look into some of the signs our mane tries to give as an indication of damaged tresses.

1. Bumpy Rides

To know if you have damaged hair, a very simple trick is to run fingers through a single strand of your hair. Does it feel smooth throughout or are there noticeable bumps along the strand? Bumps and an uneven texture of a hair strand indicate that your hair is suffering from damage.

2. Lack Of Shine

Have you ever seen dry and damaged hair shining bright like a diamond? The answer has to be a clear no! This is because damaged hair lacks shine and lustre. The hair shafts stop shining when the cuticles are damaged. Even if you take the pain of a deep conditioning treatment, still with damaged hair, you will notice that there is no shine.

3. Split Ends

Generally the split ends start to appear after 6-8 weeks of getting a trim or haircut. However, when dealing with damaged hair, these nasty signs develops too soon. If frizzy hair is your arch enemy, then there are all the more chances of you noticing the split ends as frizzy hair attracts split ends. If you notice the ends of your hair strands are brittle and splitting less than a month after a trim, do treat it as an indication of damaged hair.

4. Extreme Breakage

Do you find yourself complaining about hair breakage every time you run your fingers through them, brush or try to style? This clearly indicates a red flag, indicating that your mane is severely damaged. Try to notice that strand of hair when it falls out. If the bulb is attached, this means your hair follicle is damaged. If your hair fall was normal, then the strands would fall without the bulb being attached to them.

5. Lack Of Moisture

We all know that dry hair does not always mean damaged hair but damaged hair always tends to be dry. In spite of regular conditioning and trying deep conditioning treatments, your hair lacks moisture, then it is an indication of damaged hair. Hair cuticles are unable to seal in moisture when they are damaged.

6. Tangled Web

When the hair is healthy, the shafts are smooth and manageable. When dealing with damaged hair, the rough cuticles gets tangled easily which results in knots. The dryness and brittle nature of the hair makes it extremely difficult to untangle the knots that then results in breakage.

7. Increased Hair Loss

So you notice a rapid increase in your hair loss? Normally the hair loss varies between 50 and 100 strands per day. It is absolutely normal to find strands of hair in your bathroom drainage after you have washed your hair. However when you start finding strands of hair on your clothes, pillow or randomly on the floor of your home when you haven’t even combed, then this is an indication that your mane is suffering from damage. While these signs clearly indicate that your hair is damaged, it also implies that it is time to take matters in your own hands and nourish your damaged hair back to health. It is always important to start with the basics. Start by using products that are meant for damaged hair, like the followed by the They contain a special blend of Keratin and Argan Oil that will help boost the moisture your damaged tresses desperately requires. Always complete your hair care routine with the While you nourish your damaged hair back to health, do try some of the Hairstyles That Keep The Damage At Bay
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