How Does Dry Shampoo Actually Work? Here's What You Need To Know

Shake. Spray. Rub it on for two. Sound familiar? While you are humming the catchy tune of BBLUNTs Back To Life Dry Shampoo anthem, keep a few tips in mind. Take a look to know if you are spraying it on correctly. You can do it anywhere anytime, once you read whats below! 1. All The Inside Gossip Most dry shampoos have a propellant, an absorbent, and an abrasive, which get your hair looking cleaner. As soon as you spray the shampoo onto your hair, the starch particles act as sponges. Once you brush it out, it gets spread out to the surface of the hair shafts. 2. Take In The Good, Leave The Bad Avoid talc and aluminium starch as that could cause harmful health conditions. Some dry shampoos use natural rice starches as well, which are not harmful at all. 3. Spray Right For best results, spray the root area and wait for a period of two minutes without touching your hair. To start a set routine, spray some dry shampoo before you sleep at night to get rid of the oil. This also gives you that voluminous and fresh look in the morning. 4. Do It In Limits Depending upon your hair type, spray certain amounts of dry shampoo. Straight and regular hair types can apply large amounts of dry shampoo. Curly haired girls should refrain from spraying a ton of dry shampoo. Use a judicious amount to set your curls free. 5. Say Yes To Regular Shampoo Too Washing your hair with your regular shampoo cant be substituted with dry shampoo. After spraying it on for at least 3 days a week, its time you wash your hair with some shampoo to get rid of the leftover grime and grease. But dont worry, you and your dry shampoo can always have that constant affair! Watch your favourite Malvika Sitlani Review The BBLUNT Dry Shampoo

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