How Sonam Kapoor Rocks Her Hair This Season

The fashionista of Bollywood and the ever so stunning Sonam Kapoor Ahuja has never failed to inspire us with her hair looks! She’s a hair icon and many of us droll over her hairstyles. Nothing can stop this diva from being fabulous always. Her hair game is always on point and will make you go ga-ga over each and every bit of her style. Be it short, mid-length or long hair, she’s aced every hairstyle! If you wanna rock your hair this season like your favourite fashionta, we’ve got you covered. Slay your way with these gorgeous hairstyles and keep on rocking. Read on to know how Sonam Kapoor rocks her hair this season!
Best Looks Of Sonam Kapoor Picture courtesy: @sonamkapoor | Instagram

1. Low Loose Bun

What’s better than low loose bun this season? The hot and humid weather is getting crazy and we all want out hair out of our face! The low loose bun is the perfect way to embrace this time of the year. To create this look, start by brushing your applying some of the on your damp hair. Now, blow dry your hair on medium heat. Brush your hair towards the back and create a small bun now, twist the bun creating a loophole. Finish it off, by spraying some of the . This will give an instant shine and for your hair to bloom like a daisy this summer!
Best Looks Of Sonam Kapoor Picture courtesy: @sonamkapoor | Instagram

2. Flirty Waves

Picking a new hairstyle for the season but wondering whether to go sleek straight or curls? When in doubt, always take a mid-way, here it’s flirty waves for the win! You can wear this flirtatious hairstyle from a casual look to a red carpet as well. To style your hair in flirty waves, start by parting your hair into several sections. You can use styling clips to get the best outcome. Now, curl one part of your hair with the help of large barrel curling iron. Make sure you curl your hair into a circular motion. Make sure all your hair is clipped into place while your curls cool. Once done, brush out your curls with a bristle brush. Finally, remove the clips and hit your hair with some of the for that shiny look!
Best Looks Of Sonam Kapoor Picture courtesy: @sonamkapoor | Instagram

3. Loose Bouncy Curls

Loose curls are one of the dream hairstyles which can fit one’s face in a cool sophisticated look. They are flowy, light and absolutely stunning to style with any look. Once you’re done washing your hair, apply some of the on your damp hair and section your hair into two sections. Now, start by curling your hair with the help of a tong make sure you take thicker sections. Brush your hair with your fingers and loosen up those curls. Voila! Loose bouncy curls on the go.
Best Looks Of Sonam Kapoor Picture courtesy: @sonamkapoor | Instagram

4. Vintage Updo

Vintage updos are your saviour for any formal occasions or for the days when you just want to spice up your casual hairstyles. We love these vintage-inspired hairstyles for that extra charge of glam! To get this vintage updo, start by sectioning your hair into two parts and slightly curl your hair. Spray some of the and brush your hair through to get the product absorbed. Now, tuck your hair in a mini bun and style your hair with a vintage poof. Can’t get enough of her hairstyles? Check out Sonam Kapoor’s Style Secrets!
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