How To Add Sparkle To Strands And Stand Out Of The Crowd

Glitter is something we must never shy away from! Nowadays we aren۪t content with the same old hairstyle day in and day out, and for those who are too afraid to make the cut need something new. Adding some sparkle to your routine hair is the best way to get different and dramatic. There۪s so much shimmer out there in the world to choose from! So play around with some shine, it۪s definitely worth your while. After all what۪s life without a little bit of magic and pixie dust? How To Add Sparkle To Strands And Stand Out Of The Crowd 1. Get your glitter on Glitter is the source of all things shiny! Try out some glitter gel and apply it onto your strands for that added drama, you can add glitter with either a stencil or just dust it on. Another alternative you could try would be applying a dollop of gel throughout your locks and then adding in some glitter. The gel will help the glitter stay in place and keep your hair looking shiny. 2. Starry starry strands Look at the stars, look how they shine for you and everything that you do_.yes, Coldplay sang it right! Stick on some stars to your strands to give it that extra glam. You can keep them in place with some hair spray. 3. Bedazzled braid If you۪re not a fan of applying glitter straight onto your locks, try a bedazzled braid. Weave a jeweled head band or glitzy ribbon into your hair and it will shine just as much. You can also style your hair into a bun or any other up-do. Braid away! 4. Gold is bold Add a line of gold glitter on one section of your hair and you۪re good to go-ld! The sparkle will be subtle but it will definitely stand out. 5. Pixie ponies If you don۪t want to go all glitter, focus on only the roots of your ponytail. This will add an extra oomph to your ponytail and you won۪t even have to worry about all the glittery mess.
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