3 Easy Ways To Add Texture To Super Straight Hair

Having perfectly smooth and straight hair certainly has its pros and cons. It does get quite boring having the same sleek hairdo day in and day out, so change it up and add a bit of depth to your daily tresses! Adding texture to your straight hair may not be as easy as it sounds, we know what you۪re thinking getting out of bed with that messy bed hair would probably do the trick! Well, all you girls with straight hair, we۪re sorry to break it to you but texture takes a lot of thinking! It requires effort to get that messy yet manageable look. Luckily, there are some tricks, tips and products that will speed up the process of getting that tousled textured look! Look no further, we۪re here to clean up the mess_and make it! 3 Easy Ways To Add Texture To Super Straight Hair 1. Braid & Straighten Yes ladies, you can curl your hair with a straightener! Braid your hair according to what type of waves you want, loose or large. Use BBLUNT۪s Linear II Professional Hair Straightener to straighten your braid downwards, 1 inch at a time. The heat from the straightener will set your waves in place. Open up your braid and say hello to some instant texture! 2. Don۪t focus on the ends Curling the ends of your hair won۪t really give you much texture, all you۪ll have are regular curls or waves. Instead, focus on curling the mid-lengths of your hair for added texture and volume. This easy to do hairstyle can be achieved in less than ten minutes! Using BBLUNT۪s X3 Professional Curling Wand, section your hair and place the curling iron barrel in the middle of each section of hair. Wind your hair over the barrel and hold it in place for around 5-7 seconds. You۪ll add that effortless and disheveled look to your straight hair in no time! 3. Dry Shampoo does the trick Dry shampoo isn۪t only for dirty hair; it۪s for messy hair too! You can use BBLUNT۪s Back To Life Dry Shampoo to give your straight hair more movement and texture. Spray on some dry shampoo throughout your hair and play around with your fingers to give it a scrunched up look. This simple step will give your hair the perfect I woke up like this۪ look! Follow these 3 simple ways to give your daily look a whole lot of drama!
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