What To Carry When Travelling To Dry Places

Courtesy: Flash Pack Worried about how to carry out your hair care regime when you’re on the go with not enough time or space to take all your essentials? When it comes to travelling to dry places, you don’t want to be left with dry, damaged, and thin hair at the end of the blissful getaway. Forget the times when you had to rely on hotel products or carry big bottles of shampoos and conditioners that might leak! With the new BBLUNT Minis, you get to give yourself the best care wherever you want, whenever you want. Check out some of the must-have travel essentials for hair care when you travel to dry places What To Carry When Travelling To Dry Places 1. BBLUNT Mini Intense Moisture Shampoo When going to a dry place, your scalp and hair are bound to dry up faster than usual, causing a lot of breakage and hair damage. In times like this, you need the right shampoo to clean your hair without stripping it of the essential oils and the much needed hydration. Use the BBLUNT Mini Intense Moisture Shampoo for Seriously Dry Hair which is easy to carry, to not only protect but even add more moisture and hydration to your scalp and hair, keeping your hair soft and nourished throughout your holiday. 2. BBLUNT Mini Intense Moisture Conditioner Conditioning is of the utmost importance after you shampoo your hair. When travelling to a dry place, we suggest deep conditioning your hair so that your hair locks in all the moisture and also gets a good texture, avoiding breakage and split ends. With the new BBLUNT Mini Intense Moisture Conditioner for Seriously Dry Hair, you don’t need to add any heavy weight to your bag. Carry it with your mini shampoo and you’re all set for the perfect hair care treatment on-the-go. 3. BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum After the mini-spa treatment with the shampoo and conditioner, it’s important to lock in all that goodness with the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum which makes sure that your hair is hydrated all day and keeps it smooth. With these three products in your bag, you’ll beat the heat and dryness like a boss. Want more tips on how to take care of dry hair? Check out these Dry Hair Hacks.
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