How To Be The Perfect Bridesmaid For Your Friend’s Wedding

Being the perfect bridesmaid is essential to be a perfect bride! Having a pillar of strength by your side, as your bestie says ‘I do’ is quintessential for a great marriage (okay maybe not, but it’s as important!) Check out some tips and tricks to help you be the most kick-ass bridesmaid ever! How To Be The Perfect Bridesmaid For Your Friend’s Wedding 1. Deal With The Dress Be it a heavy lehenga or an endless lace affair, you got to be there to help the woman of the day when she goes to the loo. So be alert and always focus on her subtle eye action or hint that she needs you to be there or be square! 2. Deal With The Drama A good bridesmaid should always remember – No drunk uncles are allowed to give a speech! We all know how that’s going to end! Always be aware for any unwanted, unnecessary attention that might affect your bestie on her special day. P.S: Watch out for any exes at the wedding! 3. Deal With The Frizz You never know when the frizz can strike and ruin the day! Especially if it’s a destination wedding, we don’t want our bride to turn into lion king when she’s supposed to be a queen! Always keep handy a leave-in cream or swoop in to touch up her hair when you see even the slightest amount of frizz sneaking up! 4. Deal With The Bachelorette Party Questions So after you’ve planned a crazy bachelorette party for our beloved bestie, you need to make sure NOTHING that happened at that party goes out! Answer questions like ‘Was she drunk?’, ‘Was there something we need to know?’ very wisely! We don’t want any drama, remember? Take a look at bridal hairstyles for every face shape.
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