How To Beat That Bad Hair Day

We all have those bad hair days, but you don̢‰t have to worry about it anymore! Browse through these tips to get your hair looking fabulous even when it̢‰s greasy. So, ladies, bad hair days can be good after all! How To Beat That Bad Hair Day

1. Go For The Ponytail Look When your hair gets greasy and dull, tie it up high! You can pin up the flyaways and add a bit of spray to set the look.

2. Bun It Up When your hair starts to look rebellious, tie it up in a low or high bun. This looks stylish and is another option for girls who don̢‰t like ponytails as much. You can braid it up from the front to conceal those flyaways.

3. Drama To That Mane To set that unruly hair, add some hair accessories to it. Butterfly clips, sparkle bobby pins, bandanas and headbands will get your hair looking stylish and completely take the attention away from the problem areas.

4. Get That Trim Visit your parlour more often to get your regular trim. A cut does make a world of difference. You can be sure to have better hair days in the days to come!

5. Fake It Till You Make It If your hair is full of grease, you can make it appear shorter just like a bob! Pinup the section under the nape of your neck and you are done.

6. A Trick To The Waves When you don̢‰t have enough time for a wash, you can wash your bangs or the front section of your hair and blow-dry the same to get that instant bounce.

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