How To Blend In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a must have accessory for every girl. It allows you to change your look in a matter of minutes without any damage to your hair. All the girls afraid of making any permanent changes, this is the best solution for you. Read on to know more! How To Blend In Hair Extensions 1. Trim, Trim, Trim Once you have the hair extension it is important to trim them to match your hair cut as most of them come with blunt ends. So, the first thing to do is to take them to your salon and ask the stylist to cut the extensions so they fit your mane perfectly. 2. Color To Perfection Always check the colour of the hair extension before making the purchase. They must match your natural hair colour as closely as possible. If you have highlights in your natural hair, you can always add some to the extensions as well. 3. Wash Before Wear Hair extensions usually come with an ultra - glossy finish, which is awesome to look at but an instant giveaway to your hair. The solution is simple, just wash the extensions before you use them. Use your shampoo and conditioner to remove the gloss and let it dry before using it. 4. Less Is More Hair extension sets come with several wefts that vary in length. As tempting it may be to use them all to get thick and long hair, it may not actually look natural. An alternative would be to use the larger wefts at the base and work up. Add wefts as you feel necessary to achieve the thickness you wish. Try on different hair extension to mix up your look every once in a while!
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