How To Nail The Perfect Fake Blowout At Home

Want that perfect blowout at home but dont know how to? Just follow our commandments that will get you to that shiny, silky and oh so glamorous mane. Not convinced enough? Give this a read and try it at home, and you will not be disappointed. How To Nail The Perfect Fake Blowout At Home 1. Take it to the bedroom Weather plays an important role to get the right blow dry. Dont start drying your hair in the bathroom, move it to the bedroom. Blow drying your hair in the bathroom will only cause unwanted frizz. 2. Towel it right There are certain things you should never do with your towel! Rub it on your hair, that causes the frizz to set in and dont ever wrap it on top of your head, it flattens your roots and leaves your hair without any bounce! 3. Protect your hair Dont touch that blow dryer if you havent applied some heat protectant onto your hair! A good leave-in cream creates a film on the surface of your hair that helps dissipate the heat. You can try BBLUNTs Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream for best results. 4. Use the right dryer Depending on your natural volume choose the iconic type of dryer. If your hair falls flat most days, dont go for the iconic setting since volume is all you need. The iconic dryer is best on frizzy hair, it helps the cuticle lie flat. So before you dry your hair, choose your setting. 5. Roots first Flip your hair over and while you massage your hair concentrate the warm blast on the area. This will create that bounce and silky look you are going for. 6. Tame the rebellious flyaways Hold them down and focus the warm blast for at least 5 seconds to soothe them down. Then use the cool setting to lock them down completely. 7. Keep it tight Start working in two-inch sections and wrap each one tightly around a brush as you pull it through your hair and follow with the nozzle. This gives you that salon shine you were dreaming about. 8. Distance is important The nozzle should be pointing down the hair shaft and should be at least 3 inches away from your hair at all times. Do you know what this does? It leaves your hair looking shiny, smooth and absolutely salon approved. This angle also prevents your hair from getting burnt.
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