How To Blow Dry Your Hair Using A Hot Air Brush

Blow drying your hair straight has never been so easy with the newest, latest hair technology. We’re talking about hot air brushes! They’ve landed with such applause that there’s no avoiding them especially if you want to achieve salon-straight and sleek hair without stepping out of your home. As with everything, it does take a little know-how and practice but with our guide to how to use each type of air brush, you won’t go wrong.

This type of hot air brush looks just like a regular paddle hair brush except it heats up using a control panel and most of them on the market have variable temperature settings so you get to select the right one according to your hair type. The heat comes through the head of the brush and in some cases, the bristles themselves also heat up.

Bristles are made of nylon, silicone or ceramic, all designed to conduct heat gently to hair without damaging it. Paddle hot air brushes are kinder to hair than straighteners because they don’t clamp hair between two hot plates, they smoothly glide through the hair so they don’t administer as much heat, yet they are incredibly effective.

  1. Allow Hair To Air Dry (Partially)

 A major mistake that gets made when it comes to blow-drying is to break out a blow-dryer and start using it on strands that are still soaking wet. While it might technically work, you’re actually supposed to wait until your hair is partially dry. Squeeze out excess water in the shower, then go about your business until your hair has air dried part way. When it’s less sopping and damper, you’re free to move on.

  1. Spritz With Heat Protectant

 Anytime you’re going to use heat on your hair, you need to use a heat protectant first. No exceptions! After all, you wouldn’t want to compromise the integrity of your hair for a blowout. Apply the BBLUNT Hot Shot Heat Protection Mist to clean, damp hair, spraying evenly 6-8 inches from your hair. Not only will the spray provide heat protection, but it will cut down on drying time, too!

  1. Prepare Your Tools

In addition to having a round brush on hand, make sure your blow-dryer has a nozzle attached. You may have tossed the nozzle aside when you first opened up your blow-dryer, but it’s actually important. The small attachment serves multiple purposes, helping to minimize frizz.

  1. Section Off Strands

 The less hair you try to dry at once, the faster it’ll go. Instead of pointing a blow-dryer at your head and hoping your hair will end up completely dry, separate your hair into small sections. That way you can dry just one section at a time.

  1. Wrap And Blow Dry

Take your first section of hair and place the round brush underneath, then wrap the hair around the brush. When you turn on your blow-dryer, direct it at the top side of the section. As you blow dry, slowly move the blow-dryer further down the section of hair. At the same time, pull the brush up and away from your head to get more volume and curl. Repeat this step on each section of hair until completely dry.

  1. Blast Hair With Cool Air

The cool air button on blow-dryers is often ignored—but it shouldn’t be. Hot air is important, but you’re missing out if you don’t utilize cool air, too. Giving your hair a quick blast of cool air will set your style in place and help ensure you don’t immediately lose the shape and body you just created.

  1. Use Shine Serum

Almost every hair style looks better with a bit of healthy shine, and a blowout is no exception. Smooth a shine serum through your mane, then you’re almost done. You can opt for BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum and get that shine and settle any fly-aways.

  1. Finish With Hair Spray

 Last step! Don’t go anywhere until you’ve locked your look in place with hair spray. Try the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine, which provides workable hold and amplified fullness.

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