How To Break Your Bad Habits For Thicker Hair

Thicker hair ain’t that tough to get! Lose those bad habits and get fabulous hair in no time. For thicker, glamorous hair take a look below. How To Break Your Bad Habits For Thicker Hair 1. No Tug Just Spray If your hair tends to get knotted up a lot, use a detangling spray to free those strands and cause less damage. 2. Use A Brush A wide tooth comb can be quite dangerous to detangle your hair. It often removes chunks of your hair. A brush with numerous detangling bristles along with argan and olive oil is the way to go, to get rid of these unwanted knots. 3. Sulfate- Free Is Your Potion Shampoos with sulphate make your hair brittle and snap off easily. Use a shampoo without this harmful chemical to save your beautiful mane. A chemical free shampoo will clean your hair deeply and create volume along with that envious shine. 4. Goodbye And Hello Outdated heating tools will ultimately break and damage your hair. Make sure you give away the old and welcome the new and fabulous. Go for heating tools that lock in the moisture in your hair. 5. First Apply Then Dry Before you blast that dryer on your hair, use a heat protectant serum to protect your hair and get a shiny smooth blowout. Go for a natural oil to protect your glorious mane from the heat. Take a drop on your palms and apply it on your whole mane. You could also use a leave-in cream to keep your hair protected and frizz free. Also check out some tips on how to make your thin hair thicker!
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