How To Change Your Make Up After Colouring Your Hair

Want to transform your entire look? Whether you get blonde highlights to match the summer or dye your hair darker to bring out the light in your eyes, you need to consider changing your make up routine as well. Follow our guide to see what kind of makeup is required for different kinds of coloured hair. How To Change Your Make Up After Colouring Your Hair 1. Switch To Softer Shades A new hair colour may cause your face complexion to look waxy and washed out. Bring your face back to life with warmer hues of foundation and bronzer. A golden or beige undertone will make your face glow with a natural look and blush will add definition to your cheekbones. 2. Blending is Imperative If you have bleached your hair, your roots may appear dull and lifeless. Bring back the sheen by adding the foundation to your hairline, neck and behind your ears to give an even finish to your face. 3. Highlight Your Eyes Lightening your hair can make your eyes less defined. Darker mascara and eyeliner can be used to retain its effect and add strength to your face. 4. Choose A Lip Shade That Enhances Your Hair Colour Make sure your lip colour goes with your face. Bright shades like orange and pink go with a light hair colour and skin tone and deep reds go with a darker skin colour and hair tone. 5. Bow To Your Brows Don’t forget your eyebrows’ needs. While dyeing them, make sure they’re a shade or two lighter than your hair colour, or else both lose their prominence. Get ready to paint the town red with your new hair colour!
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