How To Choose The Best Hairstyle For Your Body Type

Depending upon your body type, choose the right hairstyle. Every body type has their hairstyle do۪s and don۪ts! It۪s important for your hairstylist to see you without the cape to know what hairstyle would suit you best! The right hairstyle gets your whole look together, so choose a hairdo that suits your body shape and make your look the best possible you. How To Choose The Best Hairstyle For Your Body Type 1. Slim and Straight You need a hairstyle that gives you volume and bounce! Go Mid- length with waves or something that gives you more body. Long bangs, layers will complement your slim figure. Avoid: Long or too straight hairstyles will make you look thinner. A short haircut will make you look boyish. 2. Curvy and full The right hairstyle will help you shed those extra pounds! A medium layered cut with side bangs will make you look slimmer. Avoid: Hair that is too short, long and very full. Curly, shoulder-length style with lots of height and width, are also styles you should stay away from. 3. Petite The secret to your hairstyle is to leave your hair loose, smooth and neat. Medium to short haircut with layers, will add some height at the top of your head. Avoid: Stay away from extreme styles, too long or too short. Also a big no-no are high ponytails, braids and pigtails. 4. Tall and athletic With this body type, any hairstyle on you will look amazing! Long or short haircuts, it۪s your pick! You can experiment all you want with hairstyles. Avoid: Don۪t only go for ponytails. You can do anything to your hair with that figure of yours. So keep trying new styles for that luscious hair.
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