How To Choose The Best Brown Hair Colour According To Your Skin Tone

Brown is one of the most versatile and potentially multi-functional tones you can opt for. From “bronde” to mahogany to deep chocolate, brown hair is anything but boring. Being on the dark side is not only trendy, it’s downright sexy. All it takes is a little know-how on perfecting your shade. That starts with matching your brown hue with your skin tone. How To Choose The Best Brown Hair Colour According To Your Skin Tone

1. Brown Hair Colour for Lighter Skin Tones Staying within two levels of your natural color most likely means keeping your hair a medium brown shade. Warm red tones can look beautiful as well as lighter strawberry tones, particularly as highlights. Unless you were born with it, avoid really dark hair—faired-skinned women usually don’t have enough pigment in their skin tone to carry this off.

2. Brown Hair Colour for Medium Skin Tones For those with yellow undertones, medium browns are great. You have more versatility here and can go lighter or darker from a caramel shade to a rich, auburn shade. Just keep it more neutral and don’t go too warm (blackish) or too cool (blondish).

3. Brown Hair Colour for Darker Skin Tones For olive skin tones, dark colors work best and look the most natural. You can pull off deep tones of brown with darker red highlights. If you have pink undertones in your skin, try something softer, like an amber shade. Again, stick within two shades of your current color. Avoid going too light as this will clash with your skin.

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