At Home Hair Colour - How To Get Your Shade Just Right

Colouring your hair at home just got a whole lot more glamorous and easy with BBLUNT Salon Secret Hair Colour. Before you start colouring, you must keep a few tips in mind. Take a look below! At Home Hair Colour - How To Get Your Shade Just Right 1. Practicality When you colour your hair at home, go one to two shades lighter or darker than your natural colour. For a global colour, at home colour works well. 2. Hair Type Based on your hair texture, the colour takes a while to absorb it all in. So make sure you understand your hair type before you start colouring it. If it’s coarse or thick then you will definitely need an additional box of dye and few more minutes to process. For fine, curly hair a single box would do and the colour will process much faster. 3. Your Skin Tone When deciding your hair colour, take a good look at your skin tone. For fairer skin, cooler tones like ash or beige will look better. Medium skin tones should avoid using neutral to cool colour shades. Look for warmer tones like copper and golden, this will suit you best. For darker skin tones, any colour from the brunette family would go perfectly. Try a brown, brunette, or chocolate. 4. Salon Secret Colour Get your at-home hair colour with envious shine with BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour. Pick your hue from the 7 shades of wonder colour that are specifically created for Indian hair and is 100% ammonia free and gives you complete grey coverage. The colour comes with a Shine Tonic, which is enriched with Silk Proteins that gives salon like gorgeous hair at-home!
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