Find A Solution To The Static 5 Easy Static Fighting Tips

Bid the static season goodbye, ‘cause we have news for you! These tips below are your guide to smooth and silky hair, sans the frizz. Find A Solution To The Static 5 Easy Static Fighting Tips 1. Plastic Ain’t Your Friend Using a plastic comb will only make your hair more static. Make sure you use a metal comb to calm this static scene down. Since the metal is conductive it reduces your static mane. 2. Comb With Hairspray Spray your comb with a bit of hairspray and then run it through your flyaways. This is the quickest way to get rid of the rebellious flyaways. 3. Water Mane The easiest way to straighten out those strands is using a bit of water. Gently pat those strands down with water and you will see the difference. You hair will settle down and look more professional. So whenever you run out of product, just use some water! 4. Pin It Down If those annoying strands keep getting to you, just pin them down. When static hair clings to your face, that’s the worst! To prevent this use a few bobby pins and clip them up. You will find a face of difference. 5. Braiding Is Always A Good Idea When there is nothing left to do with your static mane, don’t worry! You still aren’t defeated. Make a braid of your choice and you will not regret it. A stylish tight braid will wash away those static problems right away.
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