Everything You Need To Know About Grey Coverage

Don’t we always want to look perfect and sexy? Well, sometimes it’s just a grey hair that comes in your way. The permanent solution would be to colour it, but what if you don’t have the time to? For a permanent solution, try our BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour, which has no ammonia and gives 100% grey coverage! Take a look at these hacks that will cover those greys temporarily and get you looking just right for your occasions. Everything You Need To Know About Grey Coverage 1. Tweeze Away When you have to go for a party and you have that rebellious grey peeking out, just tweeze it! Make sure you pluck it out close to the roots. It will grow back but this will save you time and keep the greys away for the night. 2. Part Ways While combing your hair, you can find most of your greys. The worst part about these strands is that they are found in the most visible parts of your hair. If you’re waiting to tackle this, just change your parting while combing your hair. 3. Eyeliner, Oh Yeah If tweezing these greys away is not something you wish to do, you can cover them up with your eyeliner. If your hair is greying more towards the roots, rub the black eyeliner pencil on your hairline. To cover the length of your grey hair, use liquid eyeliner. The most important part of this process is the drying period. Leave enough time for the liner to dry and cover those greys. 4. Accessorize Your Mane Try a bandana or a thick hair band on your mane, it looks stylish and covers your grey hair. During the day, you could choose a bright coloured hair band or bandana that goes well with your outfit. For the night, you can add more bling to your mane that looks nice and serves the mane purpose.
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