How To Create The Sexiest Side Part For Men

Men, revive the side part which is an evergreen choice while trying to pull off the classical, sophisticated look. Over the years, the specifics of the look have altered, and thus you can have different interpretations of how to carry off this hairstyle, like adding texture to the clean cut style. Here are the essential basics you need to know if you intend on sporting a side part. How To Create The Sexiest Side Part For Men 1. Know Your Hair Knowing your hair type is pivotal to pulling off this hairstyle with perfect ease. If you have straight or flat hair, adding texture will give your hairdo more volume. Men with wavy, or curly hair can experiment with different lengths to see where their hair falls on their face so that it accentuates their face cut. 2. Choose Your Haircut Wisely Getting the right dimensions during a haircut is crucial for the hairstyle to suit your face. Ask your hairstylist to give you a classic cut with short sides. This gives you a neat and sleek look, while also leaving you with more volume on top to experiment and style your crop. Make sure you mix contemporary and classic to add strength to your face. 3. Follow Your Face Shape Don’t forget about the shape lads! To get the right part, you need to know which side parting looks good on what face shape. Middle partings usually suits long faces while a sexy side part would look good on a square shaped face. Know your shape before you divide and conquer! Now rock this look which panache and get all the heads turning in your direction.
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