How To Effectively Rain Proof Your Hair

Yes, perhaps after the sweltering heat, the monsoon is a blessing, but nobody wants to deal with unprecedented showers, especially your hair. However, we can show you ways to avoid looking like a drowned cat and breeze through the rainy season, and make others look on with envy. How To Effectively Rain Proof Your Hair 1. Dampen Chances Of Frizz Your after shower routine is pivotal in determining the effect rain showers will have on your hair. Towel dry your hair lightly after shampooing and conditioning until it’s damp. Applying a coin sized amount of BBLUNT’s Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave-In Cream onto your still wet mane, makes it soft and silky, as well as frizz-free. 2. Seal Your Cuticles The temptation of a hot shower may be very great after a cold, wet day, but that weakens your cuticles which leads to greater hair fall and damage. If cold water is impossible, lukewarm is a much better option than scalding hot. Applying a protective serum is also a good idea to create a barrier between the moisture and your strands. 3. No Touching The urge to fidget and rearrange the hair that a sudden downpour soaks is great that will only make it look worst, increasing frizz and exposing more of your tresses to the rain. Instead, squeezing the water out of the ends is a better idea that won’t leave your strands in a disarray.
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