Hair Colours For Warm Skin Tones

Courtesy: Pinterest Ever feel like the hair colour you have chosen isn’t working for you? Did you know that your hair colour should match your skin tone for it to really pop? Choosing the right colour for your hair is very important because it can make or break your look!But fret not, we will tell you all you need to know about picking the right hair colour to go with your gorgeous medium-toned skin! How To Find The Perfect Hair Colour For Medium Toned Skin

1. What Is Medium Toned Skin? First things first, are you a medium skin-toned beauty? If you have a ‘wheatish’ skin colour with slightly olive undertones then your skintone falls under the medium range of all skin tones.

2. Which Hair Colours Go Best With Medium Toned Skin? Choose anything between a caramel shade to a rich, auburn shade for a truly, perky-looking hair colour. Just keep it more neutral and don’t go for too warm (blackish) or too cool (blondish) colours. If you are high on highlights then gold, amber, and caramel are your go-to colours. The BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour In Chocolate Brown, Mahogany or Blueberry are the perfect shades for your skintone.

3. Are You One For Experiments? If you like to experiment with colours, then, picking the correct shade is important! Plum colours and medium toners are a match made in heaven. The BBLUNT Secret Salon High Shine Crème Hair Colour In Wine will give you, the extra vibrancy. While, you should choose bright red and copper shades for highlights, your blondes should be sombre and darker. If you like to turn all heads in your direction then go for the dramatic, bright, silver tones or dark grey with denim blue tones.

4. Which Hair Colours Are The Safest To Sport? All colours that are ammonia-free and that give you maximum grey coverage are the safest and best options to select from. Go ammonia-free with the BBLUNT Secret Salon High Shine Crème Hair Colour and say goodbye to greys! Found this article helpful? Also check out, Hair Care Tips For Diwali You Need To Know.

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