Tips On How To Find The Right Middle Part For Your Face Shape!

Getting the right part for your face, is actually quite easy! Take a look below and we can help you decide the look that suits you. Finding the right parting, is what you feel comfortable in and doesn’t always have to be by the book. Tips On How To Find The Right Middle Part For Your Face Shape! Read On To Know More 1. Face Off To get the right middle part for your face, you need to know what type of face shape you are born with! Take a good look in the mirror and see what best describes your face shape- round, oval, square, heart, or diamond. 2. Be You Once you know what your face shape is like, you can just give your comb a go and set a parting you personally think looks good on you! Always remember girls, what looks good on you, may not look good on someone else and vice versa! So you take the reins of your mane and make the part. 3. Outstanding Oval If you have an oval face shape, then you have hit the jackpot! Just about any parting will suit your face shape. You can keep experimenting with that face and create new looks for yourself. Even a zigzag part will look amazing on you. 4. Heart Wants What It Wants If your face is wide at the cheeks area and the chin is narrow, you most definitely have a heart- shaped face! If you have long hair, a centre parting will look best. For shorter hair, a side part would work better. You need to divert the attention away from your pointed chin. 5. Bright Like A Diamond When your forehead is quite small, compared to the rest of your face and so is your chin, that’s a diamond face shape. Grow out those fringes and wear your hair out in a side parting that will suit you best. 6. Be Square You need a fringe to soften the look of your forehead. Your stylist will cut that fringe in the right angle. Start your parting just above the arc of your eyebrow. Your forehead is square shaped, that’s what influences the name of this shape type. 7. Round Round You Go Go for a deep side part that will highlight the best side of your face. You need to decide which side you want to highlight and which side you don’t mind covering up with your hair. If you don’t have a chocolate side, try and take a good look in the mirror to help you decide.
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