How To Fix Frizzy Hair For All Hair Types

Got that frizz? Well, we can help you get rid of it! Take a look at these tips below and you will see the magic. Based on your hair type, you need to take that special care. How To Fix Frizzy Hair For All Hair Types 1. Fine And Straight Hair Conditioner is a must to moisturize and volumize your hair. Focus on applying the conditioner just on your ends, since you don’t want your hair to be weighed down. Dryness causes most amount of frizz; make sure your hair remains hydrated during the day. Go for lightweight products on your hair as they will style your hair the best. 2. Wavy Hair Use the right shampoo and conditioner to enhance those waves and get rid of the frizz. Use products without alcohol, as they tend to dry the hair to a large extent. Apply nourishing oils to your damp hair to turn down the frizz. BBLUNT’s Climate Control Anti Frizz Leave-In Cream works wonders on your mane. 3. Coarse And Curly Hair The main cause for frizz is extreme dryness of the hair. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to hydrate your hair throughout the day. Make sure you don’t brush your hair too often; that gets rid of the curls. Remove the knots with a wide-tooth comb when in the shower. BBLUNT’s High Definition Curl-Defining Leave-In Cream keeps your curls shiny, tamed and smooth.
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