How To Get A 70s Half Up Do Hairstyle

Bored of the same old basic hairstyles? Loose curls, high ponytails all too overdone? We’re bringing back the 70’s and proving to you that #OldIsGold with this fun retro themed up do! Our top BBLUNT stylists have made things easy and put down few easy steps to get this pretty look-  How To Get A 70s Half Up Do Hairstyle What You Will NeedBBLUNT’s High Definition Curl Curl Defining Leave - In Cream • Bobby Pins and U Pins • BBLUNT’s B Hive, Volume On Crown Clip - In Hair Extension - Choose one of the three colours available to match your natural hair colour the closest • BBLUNT’s One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour – Choose from one of the five available shades   70's half up do hairstyle70's half up do hairstyle Step 1- Prep And Style Begin by prepping your hair with BBLUNT’s High Definition Curl Curl Defining Leave - In Cream. Its smooth texture easily dissolves in your hair and will give it an extra bounce. Go on to gather and section your hair on top, and clip in your hair extensions for extra volume. Click here, to know how put on your hair extensions.   3-13-2 Step 2- Clip The Section Section the front of your hair into two parts. Take the right strand and clip it behind with a bobby pin and continue the same with your left strand, secure with U pins. To make sure your strands remain in place clip the top with some bobby pins.   44-1 Step 3- Spray And Go Spray on some of BBLUNT’s Temporary Hair Colour (using a tissue under your hair) preferably on the ends of your hair and dab your hair to remove the excess colour. To watch how to spray on the temporary hair colour, click here. Follow these simple steps and you’re ready to go! To watch this hairstyle video, click here.
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