How To Get A Fishtail Braid

Always wanted a fishtail braid but never got it right? Take a look at these easy steps that will get you the perfect fishtail braid within minutes. You can put all those bad hair days to rest, with this simple and chic hairstyle! How To Get A Fishtail Braid Things You Need To Get A Fishtail • A Comb • Bobby Pins • BBLUNT’s Climate Control Anti – Frizz Leave In Cream • BBLUNT’s Spotlight Hair Polish for Instant Shine • Rubber Bands • Scissors


Step 1 – Prep Your Hair Comb your hair to get all those rebellious knots out. Use a leave-inn cream to get all the frizz out and shine in! The BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream nourishes and provides maximum frizz control. Once done, gather your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a rubber band of your choice.


Step 2 – Gather And Secure Divide your hair into three equal ponytails. Take a half-inch section from the outside of the left ponytail. Pull it over top of the left ponytail and add it to the right ponytail. Now, take a half-inch section from the outside of the right ponytail to pull over the right ponytail and add to the left ponytail. Continue overlapping, till the end of your ponytail.


Step 3- Cut Through After you have plaited up your hair, secure the end with another rubber band. Your scissors will now come in handy! Cut the first rubber band, that you used to make your ponytail in the first step.


Step 4- Spray And Go Stretch the overlap sections and spray some BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine and you are ready to go! To watch this hairstyle video, click here.

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