How To Get A Voluminous Beehive Runway Look At Home


Wanna get that high volume hair for the night? You can get just the right volume you need & height you desire! The voluminous beehive has been the go-to look for glamour-loving ladies since the 60s. Originally developed to slot into the hollow of a hat to avoid dreaded hat-hair, from Hollywood silver screen starlets to the Bollywood diva’s all were soon piling up their long tresses for the ultimate in big hair. This might be a vintage hairstyle but it still has a modern touch to it and take your complete look up a notch. Read on to know more about the classic voluminous beehive runway look!

The beehive hairstyle is still a signature look for many fans of vintage fashion, but it can look surprisingly relevant today – some variation of the beehive is never far from the runway. 

But here's the challenge: when taken to its max, the beehive can present an architectural test for almost any hairstylist. So, if you’re inspired by the beehive, but you’re a little intimidated by the staggering heights achieved by the pros, you might want to try a more approachable version. Opt for something a little lower and simpler – you'll still reel in the compliments, but it'll be easier to style and more effortless to wear.

Need some help? We have created 10 steps for you to get this behive voluminous look and get set ready for the party!  

Step 1: To get yourself started, use the Lightweight Moisturising serum from the BBLUNT’s Women’s Styling range. Apply some of the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Serum from the mid-lengths to the tips of the hair, avoiding the roots, to help deliver intense moisture where your hair needs it most. 

Step 2: Massage Max the Volume Root Lifting Cream into the roots to create an extra volume boost. Remember not to overload your hair, less is more around your roots. 

Step 3: Use a round brush to blow-dry the hair through.

Step 4: Create a deep side parting with a wide-toothed comb. Now, take the BBLUNT B-Hive Volume Clip-In Hair Extensions in Dark Brown. Place it on the crown of your hair and keep your finger on the comb as you part the hair to create that even-looking parting line. 

Step 5: Backcomb the hair gently in sections at the root using a teasing comb.

Step 6: Smooth the hair into a ponytail using a soft-bristled brush, taking care not to lose the side parting you have created. Secure the ponytail with an elastic.

Step 7: Pull your hair over your shoulder on the same side as you created your parting, and plait it. Start at the base of the ponytail, and use a small elastic to secure the end of your plait. 

Step 8: Take the end of the plait and lift it in the direction of the other shoulder, wrapping around the base of the ponytail. 

Step 9: Keep wrapping until you reach the end, and be sure to conceal this underneath the bun. 

Step 10: Pin carefully around the circumference of the plaited bun, and use a spray to hold the style in place. 

With just a few steps you can achieve this gorgeous voluminous hairstyle just at the comfort at your home. Bring salon-like style at home with this range of products. Are you a sucker for hairstyles? Check out Hairstyles That Keep The Damage At The Bay



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