How To Get Aahana Kumra's Hair Colour

From web-series to movies, it has been quite a ride for Aahana. Bold, quirky and fun are the words that pop into your mind when you scroll through her Instagram. While stalking her (yes we all love to do that now, don’t we), we discovered that she recently did a mane makeover and boy did it complement her! So, if you are like us and fell in love with her hair, stay tuned to discover just how she achieved those amazing coloured locks.

1. Lay The Ground

Grab the BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour In Chocolate, Dark Brown and put on the gloves that come in the pack.

2. Stir It Up

In the box, you will find tubes marked as Colourant, Developer and Shine Tonic. Squeeze them into a non-metallic bowl. Mix the contents until smooth and creamy with the help of a tinting brush.

3. Hit Your Mane

Immediately apply the mixture to your hair with the tinting brush and wait for 30 minutes. Specially created for Indian hair, this colour will last you for up to 8 weeks at such a reasonable price.

4. Hit The Shower

Depending on your hair, choose from a variety of BBLUNT Shampoo and Conditioner and rinse the mixture. Yes, gorgeous, that shiny happy coloured hair is your very own locks! Intrigued to your coloured but sceptical about which hair colour shade will suit you? Check How To Choose Your Salon Secret Hair Colour Shade
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