How To Get Akshay Kumar’s Gold Hairstyle

Akshay Kumar swooned everyone with his action packed performance in the period sports drama, Gold. He brought the classic 1940’s conservative hairstyle back in vogue and got everyone falling in love with this dapper hairstyle all over again. We too loved this hairstyle as it appeals to us as the perfect gentleman look. So, how exactly do you achieve this classic hairstyle? Read on to know!

Step 1

The most important aspect of this hairstyle is getting the right haircut. You need to trim the edges and leave maximum body on the top, keeping the fringes to be styled later. You can also take this hairstyle up a notch by going extremely short on the sides, seamlessly fading out like a crew cut.

Step 2

Post the haircut, blow dry in a manner which lifts your hair a little, adding a bit more volume to the same.

Step 3

For styling, use the BBLUNT itMATTers Zero Shine Moulding Clay to dry hair and create a clean sweep to one side. Leave a few fringes out like Akshay or set it in clean. The choice is yours. Want to get more hair trend inspiration? Check out Trending Hairstyles For Men This Season.
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