How To Get Effortless Beach Waves Without Any Heat

Get these natural waves by simply twisting or braiding your hair. Follow these steps to get that bounce in your hair, absolutely naturally. Just make sure you give your hair enough time to set, and unleash those daring, beautiful waves. How To Get Effortless Beachy Waves Without Any Heat 1. Wet Your Hair Either wet your hair or shampoo and condition it. Pat it with a towel to get it damp. You dont want your hair to be soaking wet, if you want those beachy waves. 2. Apply Curling Cream While your hair is still quite damp, put some curling leave in cream focussing on mid lengths and ends. This will help you get those waves you are craving! 3. Section Your Hair Divide your hair, just like you would if you needed to make pigtails. Make sure both the sections are equally divided. 4. Twist And Set Tightly twist the sections together and tie it up together. To hold the bun altogether, clip your roots to your head. OR 5. Braid And Set Instead of twisting your hair, you could braid both the sections of your hair and leave it to dry. This will also give you the same result as twisting your hair. 6. Dry And Undo Let your hair dry and then remove the clip after a 2 4 hour wait. Undo those twists, gently with your fingers and finish off the look with some hair spray to keep those waves in place.
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