How To Get Katrina Kaif’s Mussed Summer Hairstyle For Vogue

Katrina Kaif isn’t known as Bollywood’s quintessential beauty for nothing. She has always remained unfazed and poised amidst criticism and controversy, focusing on giving her best in films. Her ethereal splendour and flaming red hair in Fitoor was talked about for days, and with good reason. In Vogue’s June issue, Katrina managed to stun us yet again in her casual, effortless beach attire – a loose summer dress, and not to forget – her sun-kissed glossy waves. She never misses a beat at looking graceful and stylish. You too can sport her hairdo easily with our steps. How To Get Katrina Kaif’s Mussed Summer Hairstyle For Vogue Step 1 Wash your hair with BBLUNT’s Perfect Balance Shampoo that rejuvenates your hair and gives it that natural shine. Towel dry it lightly until it’s damp. Take a small amount of BBLUNT’s Blown Away Voluminizing Leave-In Spray and apply it onto your roots. This will give your hair that much needed volume and boost! Step 2 To protect your hair from excessive heat, attach a diffuser to your hair dryer and set it to the medium heat setting. Collect the ends of your hair and put them in the diffuser and dry your hair section by section. Make sure you lift the strands so that the hair at the nape dries as well. Step 3 For the naturally mussed up look, move your hairdryer in a circular motion around your head top encourage natural mobility of your waves and let them settle down naturally. Step 4 Once your hair is completely dry; use BBLUNT’s Spotlight Hair Polish at a distance of 6 inches for instant shine. Set your hair into place with your fingers and you’re ready to go! Now that you’re good to go, dazzle the people around you as you arrive like a star!
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