How To Get Parineeti Chopra's Sexy Beach Waves For Filmfare

If we didnt love her already, we love her even more now! Parineeti Chopra has managed to take on Bollywood with her stellar personality, praise worthy talent and sexy body! She showed people that being curvy is being charismatic and thats what we love about her, above other things. Parineeti looked sexy, smouldering and sweet on Filmfares May issue. A long strappy tank top paired with denim blue shorts and of course, those gorgeous summer beachy waves! What could be more suited for a summer look? Check out how you can get Parineetis sexy and effortless beachy waves too. How To Get Parineeti Chopras Sexy Beachy Waves For Filmfare Step 1 Just after your shower you must towel dry you hair, before you apply anything. Take a coin size ofBBLUNTs Climate Control Leave-in-Cream, begin by evenly applying it on your hair, focusing on mid lengths and ends. Keep away from scalp. How to get Parineeti Chopra hairstyle Step 2 Attach a diffuser to your hair dryer, change the setting to slow speed and medium heat. Gather the lengths of your hair into the diffuser and continue drying section by section until your hair is almost dry. How to get Parineeti Chopra hairstyle Step 3 Power dry your hair by constantly moving the dryer around the head with a circular motion to encourage the hairs natural movement and body. Repeat this until your hair is completely dry. How to get Parineeti Chopra hairstyle Step 4 You can use a fine mist ofBBLUNTs Spotlight Hair Polishspray followed by the hair dryer on a cold air setting for added shine and texture. With the use of your fingers, settle your hair into place. How to get Parineeti Chopra hairstyle Thats it! Youre done. Get Parineeti Chopras natural beachy and voluminous waves in just 4 easy steps.
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