How To Get Rid Of Dry Hair And Breakage

It’s hard to avoid dryness and damage when you live a fast-paced life with no time to stop and care about your hair. But who said taking care of your hair always requires a fancy spa appointment or an elaborate treatment? You can take small steps to keep your hair healthy every day and turn your daily routine into a hair care regime with some simple tweaks and change of habits. Check out 5 simple ways to get rid of dry and damaged hair. 1. Mission Moisture If you’ve got dry hair that tends to break a lot, your sole hair care mission should be to load up on all the moisture you can get. Dry hair can become brittle easily and hence break often. Applying a leave-in cream or a moisture serum can help you keep your hair hydrated on a daily basis without too much work. If you’ve got curly hair which is naturally prone to dryness and breakage, use the BBLUNT High Definition Curl Defining Leave-In Cream – this will not only keep your hair soft and moisturized but also help you maintain and style your curls. If you’ve got straight or wavy hair, go for the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum to quench your hair’s thirst. 2. Cool Off A Bit We’re not talking about your frustration when you see your hair break, but about the heat styling that causes it. Yes, cool it off. Heat styling is a major cause of dryness and damage to your hair, and while we understand the need to style your hair, try minimizing it as much as possible. You don’t always need to go all au naturel, but you can try to style your hair without using too many heat appliances. 3. Comb Carefully Hair breaks more easily when it’s wet, so a golden rule to keep in mind is to never, ever comb your hair when it’s wet. Use a wide tooth comb instead to slowly work your way through damp tangles, starting from the ends and then going upwards. If your hair is extremely knotty, use a leave-in detangle cream or a leave-in conditioner to help you gently detangle the knots without too much strain. When your hair is dry, minimize the number of times you brush your hair. If you have curly or wavy and frizzy hair, you should definitely put that brush down immediately. Brushing your hair too much will not only increase hair fall and frizz but also lead to more split ends, which is a big no-no. 4. Let Your Hair Down According to experts, constantly keeping your hair tied up in ponytails or braids can, in fact, lead to more damage, as it can pull on your hair and cause a strain on your roots. Keep switching between tied up hairstyles and open hair. It helps your hair and it certainly helps your looks! 5. Don’t Wash It Off Not all problems can be washed away, and this is one of them. While the summer heat can make a regular head bath quite tempting, it’s not going to help your hair. Reduce your hair wash cycle to once a week, and if it becomes too greasy, twice a week. Shampooing your hair too much can suck all the moisture out and make the hair dull and brittle. An easy way to keep your hair fresh without washing it every other day is to use the BBLUNT Classic Back To Life Dry Shampoo For Instant Freshness. This will keep your hair grease-free and also add texture and volume, making your bad hair day super good. Need more ways to keep the dryness at bay? Check out these Hair Care Products For Dry Hair and switch to them now!
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