Fight Dryness With Intense Moisture

Say goodbye to dryness with our Intense Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner for Seriously Dry Hair.  This will nourish and hydrate your hair for infinite good hair days. Keratin and moisture complex get back that moisture and thickness into your hair. Take a look at why you should choose this shampoo to give your hair a moisture hit. Fight Dryness With Intense Moisture 1.    Get The Boost This shampoo gives an extra boost of nourishment to damaged hair. Makes dry and rebellious hair smooth, manageable and well-nourished. 2.    Created For You Specially created for Indian hair and weather, this shampoo is here to rock your mane world! With colour protect formula it strengthens hair and leaves it hydrated and glossy. 3.    Keratin, Yes! Hydrolyzed keratin increases the tensile strength of your hair by increasing the amount of cysteine and thus protects the hair. 4.    Deep Conditioning The key ingredients of the products include jojoba, vitamin E and wheat germ oil. These help in deep conditioning and combatting the dryness. Designed specially to increase moisture in damaged hair. 5.    Later, Dry Hair To get best results on dry hair, first, thoroughly wet your hair. Then take one pump or more depending on hair length. Spread it evenly throughout your hair by massaging the scalp with gentle circular motions. Rinse out thoroughly and repeat if necessary.
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