How To Get Soft Curls

Ever-stylish, voluminous, Soft Curls are the easiest way to glam up your look this wedding season. Let us help you out with some super easy ways to get them. How To Get Soft Curls Things You Need To Get Soft Curls • Curling Wand • Comb • Bobby Pins • BBLUNT’S Back To Life Dry Shampoo • BBLUNT’s Spotlight Hair Polish for Instant Shine Step 1 – Prep Your Hair If your hair is freshly washed, then let it dry before you start curling. In case you have greasy hair, take the BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo and get rid of the grease and grim. step 2  step 2step 2 c Step 2 – Get Them Curled To start curling, use a medium sized curling iron. Take small portions of your hair on the left section and wrap it around the barrel, instead of curling up the wand. Continue curling small sections of your hair on the right and wrap it around the barrel. step 3 Step 3 – Spray And Shine! Spray on BBLUNT’S Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine to ensure your hairstyle remains for long and you’re shining baby! To watch this hairstyle video, click here.
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