The Best Game Of Thrones Hairstyles

Winter is here! Yeah, we know that it’s actually summer that is here, but we are way too excited for the final season of Game of Thrones. If you haven’t watched this show, you’ve been missing out on some really good entertainment. No worries, however! Now is the perfect time to binge watch all the previous seasons and catch up with the final season premiere. We have made a list of some of the best hairstyles from the show through the seasons. Scroll down to spot if your favourite looks made it to our list!
GOT hair trends around the world Courtesy: Pinterest

1. Twisty Twirls

Cersei Lannister is without a doubt the most twisted character in the show and her hair definitely reflected that in the initial seasons. Her beautiful, signature long blonde Lannister locks were always seen in twisted twirls either as loose hair with a few crown braids or with a half updo of braids. Either way, her wavy curls definitely made her look ravishing. Use the if you wish to give this hairstyle a go too.
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2. Bewitching Burgundy

How many times did you want to rush to the salon and ask your stylist for this sultry yet sophisticated red hair look that Melisandre sports? We bet the answer is countless! Her half-up hairstyle is just as iconic as her spells and black magic which leaves everyone stunned in every episode. Want to achieve this chic hair colour? The will help you get just that!
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3. All Braided Up

The oldest Stark daughter looks breath-taking in this classic braided up do, about the time when she was in King’s Landing and her life was simpler. This up do is one of the finest hairstyles and is the kind of stuff that dreams are made of. Sansa has a terrific vibe throughout the show which in a way is reflected through her hairstyles, making them look so much better. Sport this look on your next date and sweep your partner off their feet! To keep it all intact, use a bit of the while prepping your hair.
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4. Knot Just A Pretty Face

Arya Stark is one of the most outstanding personalities in the show and is a fan favourite for a reason! Even though her hairstyles are mostly functional because she’s a warrior first, they are also equally chic and make her look extremely stylish! Her braided buns are artfully placed by her temples and she looks super cute in this hairstyle. Arya is definitely one character to watch out for in the final season and we’re excited to know what’s in store for her!
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5. Eccentric Curls

Missandei’s short curls is the kind of hair we crave for. While she was serving the Mother of Dragons across the sea, she had her short curls wrapped in a golden string. These short curls are so mesmerizing that they literally make you wish you could sport them too. As an important character on the show, her looks have definitely not disappointed us. Who run the world? Curls, indeed!
GOT hairstyle Courtesy: Pinterest

6. Half Up

Last but not the least, there’s nobody like Khaleesi on this show. Be it her personality, her vibe, her attire or her charming hairstyles, the Mother of Dragons never fails to impress us! Her hair reflects her mood and the phases of her life. From the first season where Danny was a complete ice blonde princess, to now with her more golden blondes and authoritative hairstyles, she is one character who has truly evolved throughout the show. These hairstyles are just mesmerizing, aren’t they? Well, we’re definitely looking forward to see what the new season has in store for us! Want to know more about hair trends around the world? Do read, Hair Trends You Must Try In 2019.
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