What's The Right Bob Cut For You? Read On To Know More

Our haircuts shape our personality! So it’s important to choose the correct haircut – in this case the correct bob cut. If you’ve had long hair for as long as you can remember, then getting a bob cut can change your whole look! But it’s important to know which cut to get, whether you’d want to be seen as sexy, edgy, simple or elegant. These tips below will guide you to get the bob cut that suits you best! What's The Right Bob Cut For You? Read On To Know More 1. A-Line Bob This is ideal for long, layered hair. It’s true that after you wash long hair – the layers become all frizzy and everything is a mess! Cutting it short will ensure that these layers stay in place – as they are closer to the perimeter of the shorter layers. An A-Line Bob can also be styled to give a mischievous messy look! 2. Be Blunt This gives out a more sharp, classy look. Suitable for sleek, one-length hair. Bangs can be worn and this really complements the cut, allowing you to hold your head up high and wear your hair as an accessory! Being blunt never gets old. 3. Cheeky Chins If you’re feeling ambitious, getting a short chin-length cut may just be for you! This cut can be styled in any way and delivers more volume than long, wavy hair! As Jessie J quotes: you’ll be ‘sexy and free!’ 4. Shaggy Is The New Chic Good for long layered hair. This haircut allows lots of movement throughout your hair; it doesn’t need daily styling and has lots of texture – so it’s extremely easy to manage. Side-swept bangs can be added to create a classy look!
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